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Company description
Tivix is a San Francisco based technology startup.  They have an interesting proposition for nonprofits:  easy to use tools that tap into two of the largest social networks delivering over 450 million active, passionate users and featuring no software to buy, install, or manage + added benefit of saving the environment (plus other hard costs) by decreasing reliance on expensive direct mail campaigns.  

Tivix's suite of social media applications help nonprofits connect to their supporters for both fund raising and advocacy purposes.  The ability to centralize your social media communication efforts within the largest social media network - Facebook - is also extremely appealing...after all 63.3% of American Adults 25+ spend over an hour on Facebook daily.  Tivix's applications give nonprofits the ability to centralize and integrate their social media activity into Facebook (Twitter, YouTube, RSS feeds, etc.), allows for sharing with supporters' social networks for advocacy and donor relationship purposes (Support Us) and features a strong call-to-action for fundraising (Donate4Good, Shop4Good).

The majority of nonprofits survive on some mix of grant + foundation monies along with individual contributions; some are lucky to have a few high net-worth individual donors but for the most part it's a very insecure existence.  A recent Chronicle of Philanthropy poll reported that consumers are giving less, with one-third of the 395 charities it surveyed expecting donations to fall by 10% or more.  But the work that Nonprofits do is vital to our local and global communities and they are "failing to connect with potential givers using the communication media those givers increasingly are using" (seehttp://www.ssireview.org/opinion/entry/charities_missing_out_on_digital_giving/

Tivix's solutions give nonprofits the touch point preferred by the present and next generation of donors and advocates, as well as, the ability to harness social media to its full capacity - for fundraising, awareness of the work being done, increasing their supporter base - all the things that bring nonprofits closer to achieving a sustainable, viable operation. 

The applications reside prominently as a tab at the top of the organization’s Facebook page and can be customized for brand identity purposes.  They can also be incorporated into a nonprofits’ existing website, giving organizations the benefits of social media and the open web. 

Tivix's applications are available on a monthly subscription basis ranging from $10-$50 per month; nonprofits can go generic or pay a little extra (customization starts at $500) for a fully branded application; the applications are pure cloud-based software so there's no hardware to purchase or software to download or install.

Business model
Tivix's business model is the SaaS model with a combination of monthly hosting/subscription fee coupled with a per transaction fee.  We charge a standard, 1x fee if our client wants the application to be fully customized and branded, or white-labeled.  We also do project-based application development which is quoted.
Competitive advantage

Our applications can run both in the Facebook environment, as well as, on the open web as a microsite, or as part of our client's existing website; applications and campaigns are efficient and cost-effective; offer a fully white-labeled platform 

Founder & CEO Bret Waters brings extensive knowledge of enterprise software applications along with unique insights into the challenges and needs of the nonprofit sector based on firsthand industry experience.  This, coupled with his passion for social change and a fervent desire to help nonprofits achieve a sustainable and viable operation, has resulted in useful and necessary applications to help nonprofits in their day to day operations as they relate to fundraising and advocacy.