$12,000 SemTech Startup

TipTop Technologies, Inc.

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TipTop Technologies, Inc.
TipTop, the Insight Engine
Sunnyvale, California, United States United States
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Company description

TipTop Technologies, Inc.

is an emerging Silicon Valley-based company founded during the summer of 2008, whose first consumer-facing product on the Internet was launched in a beta version at FeelTipTop.com in June 2009. Through building some unique and powerful technology at the outset, TipTop is well-positioned to take up a leadership position in the growing market of semantic-driven products both in the consumer and the enterprise space.


TipTop's Vision

The creators of TipTop hope to revolutionize the role that the Internet plays in people’s everyday lives by helping them find the people and the information that matters to them in a matter of seconds. TipTop's advanced search software finds the most interesting information the Internet has to offer, and places it right at users’ fingertips. Thus, TipTop aims to help people make the most of others’ life experiences as they look for information relevant to the decisions they make in their own lives.

"TipTop solves a problem that every internet user has encountered at some point: how to cut through all of the information that’s out there on the Web and find what’s useful to your everyday life,” said Shyam Kapur, TipTop’s President and CEO. “The idea is that regular people should be able to reach out and share their experiences with one another, to make even routine activities more efficient and more fun. People are doing this to some extent using Twitter and other platforms and with our truly semantic solution, we hope to encourage users to engage with others of like interests in even more spontaneous and natural ways.”

Read more about Shyam Kapur's vision for the future of search on TipTop's blog.



Business model


We have the option of pursuing a wide variety of revenue streams.  We plan to explore several of them systematically and then choose the best ones.

Competitive advantage


Through building some unique and powerful technology at the outset, we are now well-positioned to take up a leadership position in this growing market.  We have already tested successfully early versions of some products built on our core technology.   We do not have any competitor that can deliver the rich results that we can deliver across all domains of human interest.  Within single verticals, there will be some competition that we are well-positioned to outdo.