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Company description

Vision: Our vision is to help brands drive deeper engagement with their audiences by allowing them to integrate social media feeds into their marketing channels.

Problem: Brands invest time, effort, and capital into social media yet their content lives for about 16 seconds before it's gone. 

Brands have websites that are static and find it difficult to manually add content to interact with audiences.

Solution: Tint is a self-service platform for brands to aggregate, curate, and display any social feeds (including hashtags) anywhere they want. They can display feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. and embed it onto any website, Facebook page, TV display, retail kiosk, or mobile app. We put a Flipboard onto any site.

Over 13,000+ active brands using Tint in 5 months of launch. Have doubled-tripled user growth and revenue month over month. Will break-even within 5 months of start date of generating revenue.

Notable clients include: 
Toni Braxton 
Kelly Rowland 
Enrique Iglesias 
Aston Martin 
Williams Sonoma 
Chelsea FC 
Tadashi Shoji 
Microsoft Bizspark 
World Music Awards 
Limp Bizkit 
Kairos Society 
University of California Santa Cruz 
University of Southern California 
Krispy Kreme
The Lumineers 



What is Tint?


Why use Tint?


AngelList: angel.co/tint

Awards and Mentions
Business model

Freemium subscription model. $10/month - $1000/month.

After 5 months of launch, working with 13,000+ active brands at a 6% paying conversion.

Will break even within 5 months of launching revenue payment system.

Competitive advantage

1. Scalable platform with flexible implementations and business model.

Our competitors are in the custom solution space where it is not a tech play, rather an agency play. We have built our system to scale at a quick rate, which we have been able to prove through our ~200% user growth traction and tripling our revenue month over month. 

2. Advanced analytics will retain customers and reduce churn.

Providing advanced analytics that allow brands to compare campaign vs. campaign over a period of time will only be accessible within the Tint dashboard. Moving away will be difficult as data will not be transferred. 

3. Allowing custom data to be stored.

We allow brands to collect email IDs and custom posts so that there will be unique and exclusive data only on Tint. High switching costs as data can not be transferred. 

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