TimeSight Systems, Inc.

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TimeSight Systems, Inc.
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Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, United States United States
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Company description

TimeSight Systems has developed a 'game changing' technology in the massive video surveillance market. According to analyst firm iSuppli, there are hundreds of millions of surveillance cameras installed worldwide, growing in double digits annually.  These cameras generate rich video streams that must be stored and managed, creating a $7.5B storage market by 2013.  We have developed a powerful, unique solution to address this exploding storage requirement, as our solutions automatically compress stored video data over time according to pre-set business rules as data becomes older/less relevant, enabling the move to more, higher-resolution cameras on a fraction of the storage cost.

Competitive advantage

TimeSight is a leader in the field of Video Lifecycle Management (VLM), an emerging area in the massive market for video surveillance recording and storage.  Through the use of our VLM technology, a video surveillance system using TimeSight Systems will require up to 90% less storage than competitive approaches.  For example, a 500 camera municipality, needing to retain high resolution video for a mere 90 days, would require almost 800 terabytes of storage (costing almost $2M); yet the same system with TimeSight would require only 70 terabytes, saving over $1.75m of storage costs.  All on less footprint, less power and cooling requirements, while offering better images early in the lifecycle, tighter integration with a variety of other information systems, and a growth path to new technology.