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Company description

TimelyPick displays curated current popular content from around the web, organized by topic.

We understand that these days people feel that they are drawing on information and TimelyPick helps them with that.

TimelyPick enables you to stay updated at a glance and have fun at the same time.

While staying updated you can play trivia / guessing games, based on the curated popular picks - every 4 hours, and play solitaire card games Klondike and Spider with dynamic content on the cards face (from TimelyPick)







Business model

The business model is based on sponsered picks

Competitive advantage

While there are news aggregators and content curators out there, only on TimelyPIck: 1) people can have fun at the same time

2) You can stay updated at a glance


3) Millions of solitaire card game players can play and stay updated at the same time.