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Company description

TigerTrade is a business-to-business website that helps firms connect, manage, and grow their business in developing world markets.

Through the TigerTrade website, developing country firms can build profiles, showcase their products, and connect with international buyers. International firms can explore developing world markets on-line, search for partners, and build business relationships to increase distribution and sales. 

TigerTrade also provides information, tools, resources, and services needed for international trade and business development.  


TigerTrade is launching in the US and Indonesia in November 2010, focusing on the apparel, textiles, footwear, furnishings, and home accessories industries. 

Through the TigerTrade website, companies can:

  • Search for partners in developing world markets by industry, company, and product.
  • Browse profiles with company details, certifications, product photos, and videos.
  • Connect with prospective partners through TigerTrade’s secure e-portal.
  • Access in-depth country profiles, local industry information, business tools, manuals, and trainings.
  • Identify local resources for due diligence, shipping, and other services needed to execute the business transaction.



Business model

TigerTrade derives its earnings from membership fees from buyers and suppliers, listing fees from service providers, and advertising from trade events and publications. Silver membership is free and allows access to TigerTrade’s business tools, resources, and trainings. To post a company profile and connect with other firms through TigerTrade’s secure e-portal, companies pay an annual fee for Gold or Platinum membership. TigerTrade vets and certifies all paid premium members to ensure a trusted partner network.


Competitive advantage

TigerTrade's competitive advantages include:

1)      TigerTrade’s knowledge of and focus on developing country markets.

2)      TigerTrade’s vetting and rating system for members builds a trusted partner network.

3)      TigerTrade's business content.  TigerTrade provides access to country and industry profiles and a variety of resources, tools, and trainings to help firms engage in international trade.

4)      TigerTrade’s user-friendly website. The TigerTrade website is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it easy to search for potential business partners and find business information.

5)      TigerTrade’s partnership approach. TigerTrade's unique business model leverages the private sector, donor-funded, and government-sponsored resources available for business connection and growth and makes them available for businesses in both developed and developing countries.

6)      As a social venture, TigerTrade is building a global brand-name as a company with a social commitment to building business, expanding economic opportunities, and catalyzing broad-based economic growth.