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Company description

tibbr is TIBCO's enterprise social platform, and is the first social computing platform truly built for the way we work. Based on TIBCO's rich expertise in bringing data together, tibbr allows the right information to find the right person at the right time in the right working context. Bringing this context to enterprise social has been key to tibbr’s success, as companies across the globe discover the value of having relevant work subject matter proactively seek out the worker. 

tibbr launched a little over a year ago to deliver seamless, heavy-duty social collaboration tools that reinvent how work gets done. tibbr is incredible securely, satisfying even the greatest IT challenges and concerns, and facilitates social workplace productivity in a way that’s never been seen before in this space.

tibbr has amassed an impressive user base in its first year, and is powering the social businesses of many global companies.

With tibbr, you can...

  • Follow subjects: worplace topics that include projects, applications, documents and people -- allowing you to consume, filter, organize your information based on your specific priorities.
  • Access all your apps: Access data from outside applicatinos, ad act on this information all from your tibbr feed. tibbr's tight's tight integration with any other existing IT, software and applications pulls just the right information you need and allows you to collaborate and take action on it, all in and from one unified interface. YOu can edit an expense report or order more inventory right from your tibbr wall. 
  • Harness all your data: Using enterprise-grade security, governance and compliance, tibbr means IT doesn't need to worry, and access/permissions are controlled byt he right person at all times.

tibbr is headed by Ram Menon, TIBCO's President of Social Computing, and is based out of Palo Alto.