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Thumb, formerly known as Opinionaided, is an addictive free app that allows consumers to use their iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android device to give and receive advice and opinions in real-time. Based in New York City, the company provides one of the most addictive experiences on mobile. Users can also experience Thumb at

"A user can post a question and receive a deluge of responses instantly, in real-time.” - Vator

"It is not like the myriad of questions and answers apps and websites that have popped in the last year requiring you to carefully craft content out of fear of being rejected or ridiculed (*cough* Quora *cough*). It’s simple, and I love simple." - IntoMobile

"... Angry Birds-like addictive quality to the application. The app works fast.”  - Portfolio

- Get opinions & advice fast from tons of people
- Vote & comment on questions to help others
- Review responses instantly in results
- Meet people who like the same stuff as you

Download Thumb for free from the iTunes App Store or Android Market:

Download from the iTunes App Store:

Or get it on your Android device: 

Competitive advantage

We are clearly differentiated from competition with the highest volume and fastest mobile opinion and advice tool.  This has been accomplished because we built the tool to be social while targeting multiple categories.  Direct competition in the opinion arena comes from Fashism, Second Opinion, Ask a Stylist, and Gotryiton.  Gotryiton has been out the longest and was the first to secure VC funding in early November ‘10. 

We have the most stable and advanced mobile product and we are partnering with major publishers to scale distribution.  Our distribution strategy will deter larger competitors from entering the space and ensure that we remain a leader against known competition. Further, we will continue to rapidly innovate on our product ensuring that it is the easiest to use and the most ubiquitous (multi-platform) mobile tool. Most importantly, we have one of the most experienced teams in the web startup space. We’ve been in the digital development business for 9 years, have worked with over 30 Fortune 500s including Nike and Universal Studios, and management has worked together for over 6 years.  In short, we’ve built the technology and revenue model to scale.