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Thru the Cellar Door
Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States United States
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It all started during a trip to California and the discovery of some amazing wine…

It all began with a trip to Sonoma, CA in 2006 when the founder of Thru The Cellar Door discovered some amazing new wines.  With an amazing bottle of Sauvignon blanc and an amazing new Chardonnay, the idea for Thru The Cellar Door was born.

We discovered a new shopping center close to home in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma that was easily accessible from Tulsa as well.  At the time our shop was surrounded by quite a bit of undeveloped land but later it became bursting with life as new businesses opened.

In 2006 Thru The Cellar Door Opened it’s doors for the first time and started offering amazing selections of wines, beer and liquor to our friends and neighbors in Green Country. We’ve helped people from all walks of life find just the right bottle for their celebration or dinner party. We’ve also been proud to help folks discover new wines, new world craft beers (And a few old world brews) and even help perfect the art of the cocktail for some our customers home bars.

One distinction that you’ll notice right away when you walk in our doors is the look and feel of Thru The Cellar Door. We want you to have an experience when you come in to buy your beverages.  For us, it’s not just a transaction in a business building, it’s helping a friend and getting you just the right thing for your needs. We’ll tell you as much as you’ll let us when it comes to all of the different wines we carry – from the grape to the region of the world and the latest ratings that we’re excited about (Ask us about the latest Australian wines – They’re amazing).

We want you to feel like you have a place that you can depend on when you need a great bottle of merlot or the perfect zinfandel to go with that gourmet meal you’re preparing. Our commitment is to you, our customer to help guide you to the right bottle for the perfect occasion and if we don’t have it – we’ll special order it for you!

C’mon in Thru The Cellar Door  – We can’t wait to meet you.