3D Printing, Simplified.
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At we take the complexity and fragmentation out of 3D printing to make buying a 3D printer easy. We also know that choosing a printer isn’t the end of the road, so we’re providing 24 hour phone support for all of our customers.


We love how the technology is constantly evolving and therefore is incredibly diverse, but even as experienced users, just finding reliable information about printers, materials and how they work together was a huge pain.


To accomplish our goal of making the market more transparent and the technology more approachable, we’ve focused on a few key things:

 1) researching to find the products available and curating standards to catalog them so users can browse and compare all 3D printers and materials side-by-side in one place for the first time;

 2) building great search tools on top of this information to help people easily narrow the exploding  number of options down to those that fit their needs best;

 3) creating a community tool that lets users show off their 3D prints; when they upload pictures of things they’ve printed, they link the printer they used and that lets us showcase real world examples of what you can expect off a specific 3D printer (capabilities differ quite significantly);

 4) making educational pages to thoroughly and directly explain the various types of 3D printers and how they work.



Myles & Roberto (co-founders) 


P.S. People all over the world are doing absolutely incredible and mind-blowing things with 3D printers that are truly changing the world. We hope you get involved and we hope we will have been of some help!