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ThisThat allows you to make smarter decisions in your everyday life. Simply share photos with friends and ask for their advice on anything such as what to wear, what to buy, where to eat, where to travel, and even who to date. With social decisioning in your hands, you’ll always make the right decision.

Decide with Confidence
Making decisions is hard, but with ThisThat your Trusted Friends are in your pocket. Take the guessing game out of the decision process and allow your friends to help you make better decisions.

Decide Quickly
You need to make decisions fast, and patience is not an option. ThisThat alerts your friends and allows them to send you immediate feedback on your most important life decisions.

Decide Smarter
Before you buy that ugly sweater, see that horrible movie or buy a yellow car – you might want to ask your friends. With instant feedback from your friends you will make nothing but good decisions.



Business model

Retailers are embracing social decision apps as a marketing channel to increase sales and enhance the consumer experience with their brand. Consumers are more likely to make a purchase and spend more when getting feedback from friends (NYU Retail Study 2006). Our app allows shoppers to make more confident decisions while they are in the retail store environment and are often unsure about whether they should purchase an item from that store. 

While providing this aided decision making process to the consumer, we create a direct channel for retailers to enhance the app experience with their branding. Further, another primary marketing channel is created when the consumer invites friends that aren't present at the retail location with them and expands the retailer's branding to their friends and family. While also utilizing aspects of social shopping, our consumers are able to receive location-based time-sensitive offers that will aid in their decision making process. The benefits of this app are tremendous for participating retailers: (1) their brand is highlighted amongst friends and family members who engage in feedback through the app and (2) the volume of sales are increased because the propensity of purchasing products when individuals feel confident about their purchasing decision is increased. Our revenue model is driven by a fee structure in which participating retailers are charged a flat-fee per store location.

Competitive advantage

Our startup's success is driven by our strong connections to the retail industry,which is the main driver of our revenue model. Through our strategic connections, we are test-piloting our marketing platform with select retailers throughout the United States. In addition, our talented team of developers, product managers and business advisors have lead us to launch our lean startup with minimal overhead, an agile development environment, and an "all-in" attitude. 


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