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SuperbWorld - harvesting and nurturing new ideas for a new and better world
Bath, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Dear member,

TheReplies Book:

For ten years I ran a niche on-line travel company I founded in Greece.

Apart from writing every word on the four websites created, I started to write short ideas or aphorisms each day to inspire our employees to think originally and have fun when corresponding with customers.

Each one was titled TheReply - for that day.

The idea being to help jog them into thinking widely and giving the best customer help possible.

Three years worth of these replies are now being published, one a day, on where signing up by email gives you the one a day aphorism to add energy, fun, wisdom and enjoyment to every day!

I would love you to take a look at and enjoy

If you would like, do let me know what you think of it! And why not subscribe - it's absolutely free - you may really enjoy it.

Best wishes,

Roger Ellman


Also in motion or preparing the potion: reviews of those hotels you thank people for mentioning.

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