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Company description

The NextWomen ( has several channels: The NextWomen online Business Magazine, The NextWomen Database and Community and The NextWomen Events and  The NextWomen Fund.

TheNextWomen Magazine is an award winning online news magazine dedicated to women who are leaders, investors, company founders, and entrepreneurs.  There is nothing comparable; it’s “Business Week for women. provides a variety of high-level events through which women leaders can connect and learn from each other as well as from the expertise of business speakers.

The NextWomen community consists of international members of entrepreneurs with new business ideas, readers of The NextWomen Magazine and the attendees of the The NextWomen events to bring together expertise from around the world

TheNextWomen is a in which women recognise themselves. It is a magazine which offers them a refreshing and female perspective in a landscape of International business magazines geared towards male readership and is read by business women interested in the internet industry, successful entrepreneurs, female start-ups, investors, and female executives. It has received numerous endorsements of successful businesswomen.

Our brand is young, strong and globally recognized as a starting leader in the field and launched in October 2008.


Business model

Our customers come in the form of community B-C members, B-B advertisers, media partners and investors.

Current B-C customers are community members, being (female) entrepreneurs, executives and investors in the UK, US, Germany and The Netherlands, who are paying to attend the events. All events to date have been sold out. The NextWomen plans to implement a strategy in which membership fees are levied yearly and by which members can participate in The NextWomen fund via crowd funding.

Current B-B customers are parties that advertise with The NextWomen. There are many parties that have indicated an interest to become a customer through financial sponsorship of the NextWomen, once the new website is in place, allowing better quality space for advertising. We have designed advertising and sponsor packages in that respect which provide the possibility to be involved in all The NextWomen products.

In the UK, there are approximately one million women entrepreneurs, and female-only start-ups increased by 9% last year – up to 90K from 83K in 2007. In the Netherlands, each year, about 35K women start companies, and the number is increasing. In the USA, there are 20 million women who own their own businesses. In the Nordic countries and East European countries the number of women led companies is also growing. Twice as many women as men are currently starting businesses. Many European countries and the USA have adopted schemes and policies to stimulate women in top positions, and encourage women entrepreneurship. These entrepreneurial women use the Internet for news, as a source of information, and for social and work contacts. 

As it stands, investors, advertisers, corporate partners and service providers cannot reach businesswomen and female entrepreneurs through existing media or events. In addition, female entrepreneurs want to meet, connect and learn from each other through a community of knowledge, both for business development and funding and that's where The NextWomen has the competitive advantage.

Competitive advantage

Websites aimed primarily at women are growing worldwide. In the US such blogs
have grown with 35% and to 85 million visitors per month over the period 2007-2008,
an increase of 42%. 4.4 billion ads were displayed on women websites in May 2008
(source: COM Score report 2008).
Women make 80% of all buying decisions. 86% of women entrepreneurs say they use
the same products and services at home as they do in their business. (source: Business
Center for Women’s Search)

Current competitors in women + business + magazine are the women’s section of Business Week, Forbes and the female business PINK Magazine, which are all concentrated on the US. We have been asked to use our brand in the European version of Business Week. In Europe, women lifestyle glossies, such as the UK Harpers Bazaar or Dutch Jackie, issue special magazine once or twice a year about women in business. Further, there are various online blogs geared towards women in business, such as  Enterprise Nation, Women Unlimited, Everywomen, but each is limited in scope (eg. home business, coaching, workshops) or territorial reach (eg. UK only).

Entrepreneurial communities providing services to entrepreneurs in general are competitors for The NextWomen community. Examples are Seed, FEW,  Everywomen and many small local groups. Many groups have an internal focus on empowerment through a combination of workshops and networking. An existing and thriving women in business entrepreneurial community is in NY, which is concentrated on the US and backed by VC capital.

In the US there are a handful of Seed or VC funds concentrating on women-led companies, such as Golden Seeds. In the UK, the Government introduced the Aspire Fund, a matching fund for women entrepreneurs. There are further a handful of successfull ad-hoc facilitators which focus on funding for women-led companies, such as Astia UK, Women 2.0 and Springboard Enterprises.

The NextWomens unique cross channel strategy for women in business, mixing fund, community, magazine and events, make these all perfect partner companies as opposed to competitors.

Competitive Advantage
The NextWomen set up of online business magazine, events, fund and community with a focus on successful entrepreneurs, female start-ups, investors, and female executives is a combination that does not exist. The NextWomen Fund, Community, Events and Magazine can all tap into each other and benefit from each individual development. The NextWomen is a refreshing perspective in a landscape of funds, international business media companies, events and community, because of its high profile and multi-channel focus on  the women entrepreneurial community. We have received numerous endorsements from successful businesswomen, such as Gisel Hiscock, Director of New Business Development for Google, Julie Meyer of Ariadne Capital and Judy Gibbons of Accel Partners. We also act as a maven and connector between female and male entrepreneurship, which is a benefit for women wanting to grow their business.