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Company description

Combining 30-plus years of industry expertise with a keen understanding of women's unique financial needs, Teresa Dentino offers educational programs that bridge the gap between women and the financial sector. Whether helping women hone their financial acumen, or asset managers better serve their women clientele, Dentino provides independent expert guidance unencumbered by ties to any securities firm.
Women worldwide are a key market for financial institutions to understand and cultivate as women increasingly control a greater percentage of financial assets. As significant sociological and demographic trends bring more women to the consumer investment market, gaining a clear understanding of their unique preferences and attitudes, along with greater knowledge of how to effectively engage with women clients, is a clear advantage to those firms who recognize this pivotal market segment.

Teresa Dentino creates programs that  incorporate her highly articulated guidelines and insights for achieving the most effective sales communications approaches with female clients - whether through personal speaking appearances, training of corporate sales staff and/or guidance in developing your online women-centric digital platform.
Succeeding at female client engagement goes deeper than simply talking more with women clients.  In order to lead and grow your presence in this new market sector, strategy, training and education are vital to your success.

Teresa Dentino knows your world through her deep financial services background, but by not being affiliated with any firm, she also does not compete with it.
  • Sales communications and training
  • Financial education initiative design and event production
  • Online financial content development
  • Conference and keynote speaking
  • Thought leader panels

Competitive advantage

Steeped in years of actual experience and the highest level of financial licensing, Dentino has a deep knowledge of the investment world, but has no ties to any investment firms.  With no money management services or product sales offered, her platform is strictly consultative and educational with no conflict of interst to the firms she works with.  

Currently there exists no other platform that has the depth and breadth of Ms. Dentino's direct financial services experience and training, while providing a pure play financial education and training model.