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Company description

The Wordsmith is a resume and documentation service that works with the long-term unemployed. We will revise your resume to give you a better chance at finding gainful employment. We keep our fees low for that reason. Our services are not free, but we do not charge beyond the average budget either.

We perfom research for those needing help in this area. Our expertise in the Boolean method will aid us in research of almost any topic. We can even type the paper if needed.

Our letter-writing skills are second to none. If you need to write a personal or professional letter and are not sure what to say, we can help.

If you have been out of work for awhile and want to practice interviewing over the phone, or get advice on how to use the internet for a job search, we can assist you with ideas that will have using the internet quickly.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please visit us at www.

Business model

The business model is a one-person operation. I receive the money for the service, the service is  implemented and the product delivered to the customer usually within 24 hours.

Competitive advantage

I feel that my competitive advantaged is that I charge a lot less for my services than most other resume services. I did this to keep my services within the reach of the long-term unemployed and the studen just starting out.