The Wash Depot Laundromat

The Wash Depot Laundromat
Brooklyn, New York, United States United States
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Company description

The Wash Depot Laundromat provides superb dry cleaning and laundering for you garments. You simply toss your items in a bag and they come back clean, pressed and nicely packaged. If you would like an item handled a special way, you simply place some notes in your profile and we will take care of it.

Dry cleaning will be delivered within 72 working hours to ensure quality. If you send in laundry with a dry cleaning order both will be delivered with in 72 hours.There is a minimum charge of $30 for wash & fold service by The Wash Depot Laundromat.

We aim to provide a high quality, dependable laundry service to both domestic and commercial customers. With a free pick up and delivery service for your convenience, we are able to provide a top quality laundry service to Brooklyn and Manhattan’s most discerning clientele.

How It Works In 3 Easy Steps

  • We will pick up your clothes at your home or office. Your clothes will be sorted and colors are separated from whites. We wash and dry your clothes according to the preferences that you setup on our website or over the phone.
  • Next, your clothes are neatly folded and socks are matched. Your clothes will be packed it in a complimentary Free Laundry Bag for all new customers. All bags are complete with your order receipt, individual order details, and inspection certification.
  • We will have your laundry back to you, clean and smelling fresh, in 48 hour turnover guaranteed. The evening prior to your delivery you will receive a call informing you of the delivery date, time, and total of your order... all you’ve got to do is put them away!



Business model

We pick up in any commercial, healthcare and industrial institutions including the residential sector. Whether you are an industrial, commercial, governmental, retail or services-oriented organization, you always want to present your best, and our state-of-the-art laundry facilities can help. Our services surpass national chains with personalized attention to your business needs.

  • Customers are either setup on a regular delivery schedule or on an as needed basis.
  • Our standard turnaround is only two days!
  • We are capable of washing any item your business utilizes for only $1.15 per pound.
  • Because our customers deserve exceptional customer service, we are attentive to every customer detail.
  • We make it our business to know all of our valued customers' special needs and preferences.