Vator Splash NY (December 2010)

The Tuned Inn

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The Tuned Inn
Brooklyn, New York, United States United States
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Company description

The Tuned Inn is an indispensable resource for the entertainment industry, participants, and fans - to maximize efficiency in the festival experience.

The Tuned Inn is the comprehensive, interactive, social media destination for all things related to entertainment festivals and similar major events, providing the necessary resources and interactivity to fans, artists, industry professionals, and businesses. 

It is a hybrid site, combining strong original content, social media capabilities and a rich database of event-related information. The front half is an online, interactive entertainment publication. The back half is a social media platform and database, working as a centralized location for interaction.

Business model

The Tuned Inn provides the premier, centralized online destination focusing on entertainment-related festivals.  It is the first major entertainment site to provide all relevant event information on one, easy-to-use website, cover multiple sectors, and feature advanced social network capabilities.  Acting as an interactive community, event tracker, online publication, and event organizer, The Tuned Inn brings the premier entertainment event resource to the Web 2.0 world, with users frequenting the site throughout the day for essential and authoritative information.

As a consolidated, comprehensive and interactive destination, The Tuned Inn maximizes efficiency and dynamically enhances the festival experience for all users.  It has never been easier to search and find essential information in a quick and efficient manner.  Rather than using search engines or a large number of bookmarked websites, individuals can now easily select a few options on The Tuned Inn and instantly be connected with film, artist, and event profiles consisting of sample work, news updates, contact information, or anything else they might need. 

Products: While The Tuned Inn will initially rely on advertising as the primary source of revenue, the company will incorporate a minimum of five sources of revenue within the first two years.  Some products and services are business-to-consumer, while others are business-to-business.  Products include everything from industry premium profiles to goods sold through its e-commerce platform.  These new product offerings will not only further push The Tuned Inn ahead of competitors, but will also greatly increase net profits and ensure future success through diversification of income sources.

Competitive advantage

The Tuned Inn’s advantages:

  • Generates multiple dynamic streams of revenue and profits;
  • Highly scalable and adaptable;
  • Exclusive partnerships that are difficult to reproduce;
  • The first entertainment content provider / social network that tracks events and enters the e-commerce field;
  • Brings together multiple entertainment sectors - a feature that will grow in importance, as festivals & events integrate music, film, comedy, and other forms of entertainment;
  • Strong brand equity & loyal customer base built through the publication and news outlet, offering a wide array of content, including unique features and up-to-date reporting; 
  • Continuously develops & implements new social networking features and a wide range of products;
  • Is lead by an experienced founder who previously managed the rapid growth of a business in the music festival space;
  • Consists of a strategic organizational structure filled with knowledgeable and talented staff members with expertise developing & managing the products integral to The Tuned Inn.