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Rosemont Group
Rosemont Group of Companies deals with luxury products and services in the global market
Angel group or VC
London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Company description

Rosemont Group is a privately held company that deals with luxury products and services in the global market. Founded in 2003 by Frederick Achom, the holding company is located in the British Virgin Islands. Frederick Achom, a Nigerian born investment entrepreneur, also holds the positions of founder and chairman of the company. Its main areas of focus are in exclusive land and property development in the United Kingdom, international property investment consultation services, high end restaurants and exclusive members only clubs, sales and marketing services, telecom sales and recruitment centers in western Africa and high end kitchens made in Italy. After only seven years in business, The Rosemont Group has an estimated worth of around $30 million.

Current Investments

Frederick Achom has a new idea in mind for a unique restaurant that is scheduled to open in Los Angeles in the coming months. The innovative idea for the new style of eatery has received the support of many of Hollywood's top names.

In a move towards diversification of its international luxury brands, The Rosemont Group recently added to its holdings an investment in a large winery in Australia. In addition to the winery, negotiations are also underway to buy a chain of dining establishments. The Rosemont Group is in talks to acquire 50% of the holdings in Bennets, a popular chain of English restaurants. When the deal is complete, Frederick Achom plans to relaunch the brand with a modern angle. 

Rosemont Group's land and property division is also expanding with the new investment  and acquisition of the Property Clinic Group, based in the United Kingdom..