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With a monthly review of your company's key financial documents and your commitment, I can help you to achieve your goals and to determine the strategies to keep you on track.  I also have a network of debt and equity partners who have funds available and are actively seeking deals.  I specialize in the food, manufacturing, and consumer products sectors. 
References and examples of previous work

For a specialty spice blend maker in Massachusetts, I am helping her to diversify her customer base and obtain new financing that will grow with her as her company grows.  We are working towards making the company less reliant on its top three customers since high levels of concentration are worrisome to potential financing sources.  By reviewing her monthly core financial documents, I was able to suggest a plan for increasing her business with customers #4-#25 and also suggest new marketing strategies (e.g. social media) to drive new consumer sales to improve cash flow and operating results.

For an ingredients and natural products distributor in Florida, I have been successful in advising the husband and wife owners to obtain further friends/family equity infusions and also set them up for new debt financing in Q1 2010 to replace a bank line of credit being termed out (and resulting in significantly higher monthly payments).  I review their statements each month and provide additional on-demand consulting in the areas of sales, marketing, and supplier negotiations.

For a small gluten-free bakery in California, I helped to get her business operationally stable and ready for future funding.  The entrepreneur owner has no finance background, and prefers to focus her efforts on product formulation and management.  By reviewing her core financial documents, I helped her to restructure her product pricing based upon actual costs and the need to achieve minimum gross margins.  She turned her first profit ever in 2008.  I continue to advise her on key operational challenges and also a potential franchise bakery concept.

Since 2006, I have advised a Florida natural products company on its international business development and various marketing and financing strategies.  When the company faced a severe cash flow crunch, I was able to help the owner get his financial documents in order and shepherd the process for successfully obtaining asset-backed financing in December, 2009.  Before that time, throughout the year, he was routinely turned down by both equity and debt investors.