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The Jordison Group
We Connect the Entertainment Industry & The Rest of the Business World.
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Entertainment Industry Navigation

Most businesses, regardless of the industry or market they operate in, benefit from an active relationship with the entertainment industry. Navigating the entertainment industry can be very difficult, due to constant change in executive leadership, company acquisitions and the general hurdles which gate-keepers implement to filter out newcomers. We cut through all obstacles and connect our clients with the appropriate high-level decision makers, in the entertainment industry; and, we walk our clients through the entire process.

Business Development

Our vast network of powerful connections allows us to create business development opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to most businesses. We see business development as being more about results and less about strategic chatter. Our clients look to us to develop meaningful, highly profitable opportunities - we deliver.

Licensing Negotiation & Facilitation

In the licensing world, it really is who you know. Whether a client is looking to license music, or other intellectual property, we have the tools to get it done.

Press Outreach

We maintain active relationships with the top local, national and international media outlets. Our standards for content worth publishing are high; and, thus, we retain a reputation that sets us apart from many other consulting firms. We can get your message out there, like no one else.