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HeyWhatEver is an ALL Positives INFORMATION Network SUPERPORTAL that PROMOTES Websites... Announcements... Ideas... Products... Services... Issues... Public Statements... Education... MONEY MAKERS... FREE STUFF... and GLOBAL LOCALIZATION!PROMOTE YOURSELF
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The HeyWhatEver Concept is a Start up businesses DREAM come true! 

We take out ALL of the UN-necessary additional running around that comes with taking a product or service from drawing board to market place, OUT of the equation, COMPLETELY!!

Over 100 years of marketing expertise & education culimate beautifully creating a receipe for TRUE SUCCESS, while dominating the market place by "Helping other people get what they want"!

We provide the most COST EFFECTIVE, RESULTS GARNERING, TIME CONSCIOUS Business Propulsion Packages, ANY WHERE!!

Consider US, the Internets ONLY FULL SERVICE MINI MART!!  Yeah, that might sound contradictory, but its not!! 

You see, HeyWhatEver, provides the same or better selection than a Mall of a America, while maintaining the same Hi-TOUCH personality you will only find at a Mini-Mart or TOP DOLLAR Department Stores!!

We are interested in talking directly to you!!! 1-877-HeyWhat (439-9428)

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Scott SCRIBE Pratt

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