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The GreenCard
FoundersCard For Patients
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Company description

Why We Started This Company

We believe the key to social change is through supporting businesses that care. As legal medical marijuana patients, we wanted to help other patients identify and shop from mainstream businesses that support marijuana legalization while getting discounts and perks for their loyalty. We also provide a supportive community that hosts educational, social and networkng events and a coworking space called The GreenHouse. Currently patients have no such community and are disconnected and scared.

What Sets Us Apart

We are the only membership community for business professionals that support marijuana and hemp legalization. Unlike trade associations, members do not have to work in the industry. We are trying to rebuild the image of medical marijuana patients, showing the public that 15% of Americans that are patients are productive and responsible people. Our events are legal, upscale and build the economy.We consider ourselves a FoundersCard for Patients.

Our Keys To Success

We are backed by celebrities and several advocacy groups. Our founder is a high-profile neuroscientist who is regularly in the media. Our strong social network, marketing skills and trade show presence will help grow our membership.

Our Accomplishments

We are launching our Stoned & Famous clothing line, created our GreenCard prototype, building our mobile app and thrown private events. We have built partnerships with companies offering perks and will launch the GreenCard publically when we have collected enough to justisfy the price of the card.


Business model

The GreenCard is $420 annually. With 15% of Americans using marijuana (and more than 50% supporting marijuana legalization), we have a large market of business professionals that could use the GreenCard.

All annual members of our co-working space The GreenHouse have a complimentary GreenCard, which drives word-of-mouth advertising. Events, press and strong networking drives customer acquisition and retention. Finally, a Reality TV show is being developed around The GreenHouse and its founders, driving future sales.

Competitive advantage

Our competitors include FoundersCard, NCIA and DigitalLA.

FoundersCard - the membership network for founders and CEOs. Costs about $599 a year and provides many business, travel and lifestyle discounts as well as offers access to private networking events and online community.

The GreenCard targets a completely different set of companies as well as discounts and perks because our medical marijuana patients and supports use different brands. For examples, FounderCard members want discounts on Ferraris and 5 star hotels while GreenCard members want discounts on eco-friendly brands including hemp clothing and electric and hybrid cars. The GreenCard also offers access to a physical coworking space which will expand nationwide, while the FoundersCard does not have a physical space and also holds sporadic events.

National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) - Membership for businesses and organizations in the legal cannabis industry. Priced high at $1000 or more per year and gives relatively few discounts, all within cannabis industry companies.

The GreenCard is priced reasonably at $420 yearly (sales price) and offers discounts from mainstream companies as well as cannabis industry companies. Membership is open to any medical marijuana patient or supporter of marijuana legalization, not just those working in the industry like required for NCIA.

DigitalLA - the largest networking organization of digital professionals. While they've offered panels and events to promote startups and leaders in almost every field almost daily, they have not ever featured a panel for medical marijana patients or stonerpreneurs. They are either unsupportive of legalization, afraid to speak out on the topic, or feature happy hours with alcohol.

The GreenCard reaches out to digital professionals that don't fit in with traditional happy hours (many medical marijuana patients don't drink) and would not be party of Digital LA.