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By providing clean, quality ingredients and manufacturing solutions to our customers, The Food Shop is working to transform the landscape of what is possible in food manufacturing.

Good, clean food should be the gold standard and The Food Shop is the company setting the bar!





Business model

E-commerce Market Place - Using existing marketplaces including Amazon, WeStock, RangeMe, TFS sells its ice creams directly to consumers. 

Distribution based business model - Collaborating with existing distributors and buyers in the retail space to sell our ice creams to the consumers at different retail stores including WholeFoods, COSTCO, HEB, Central Market, Target, etc. 

Competitive advantage

Traditionally manufacturing Mawa is a tedious and labor-intensive process with low yields of ONLY 15 to 18%. Also, the cleanliness and quality of mawa is heavily dependent on the cleanliness and quality of the milk used. Many, many manufacturers use harmful products in creating Mawa. A huge percentage of mawa is being sold and consumed with harmful ingredients defying the Food Safety Act of 2006 in South Asia.

At The Food Shop, we solve these issues with the MaahVaah technology. Using this technology with automated manufacturing we get yields as high as 90%, reducing manufacturing costs by 35% and food waste by 50%. To ensure premium quality products, we work with reputable and reliable suppliers directly to source unadulterated raw materials.

These products can be used in making eggless products eliminating egg allergen and salmonella contamination from their products .

They are primarily used in making South Asian desserts and Ice creams to give the same gourmet, creamier mouth feel.

The market size just in INDIA for MAWA is $4.5B. The North American market for Ice Creams is $29B and Bakery products is $64B.