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DevLab is dedicated to the education and support of the UK developer community offering industry news, job postings, and a series of events designed to inspire developers and promote networking.


Live events will include regular TED-style DevTalks to be held at the IDEALondon centre in Shoreditch as well as hackathons and ideation events for companies looking to engage with the developer community,


Another cornerstone of the DevLab launch is the DEVICE programme, created in association with UCL DECIDE.


DEVICE was set up to tackle a challenge developers face every day: how to test their products on legacy handsets and how to gain access to new devices. The programme solves both problems by giving developers the means to help each other. Meanwhile device manufacturers get to distribute their devices directly into the community – thereby supporting the growth of a stronger app economy.


Members can join simply by donating a legacy handset. In return they receive access to:


* New and old devices for testing at IdeaLondon in Shoreditch 

* User experience and usability testing software

* Alpha devices and pre-release technology

* A team of usability experts 

* UCL's private app store for pre-commercial testing

* Free handsets and priority marketing from partner OEMs


Effectively this means members will never have to buy another device for testing again.