The Authors Team
Location: 825 Corcoran Avenue Santa Cruz, CA 95062, Santa Cruz, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2002
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 6-15
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The Authors Team

We turn credible experts into Incredible Authors through ghostwriting, editing, publishing, publicity and distribution to bookstores.
Santa Cruz, California, United States United States
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Company description

     If you’re like many business experts, you’ve thought about writing a book for years.
But somehow, you’ve always put it on a back burner. Either you never have the time, or you don’t have the discipline to force yourself to write, or you just don’t know how to bring a book to life.
     Whatever the reason, today you’re still not an author.
      But what if you could get rid of all those obstacles? What if you literally could write and publish a book, publicize it, and get it into bookstores—as well as into the hands of your prospective customers and  joint venture partners—without lifting a finger?

      That's where we come in.