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Put the "Engage" back into Engagement
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 Tharp Events is a full-service event planning firm.  While we have several corporate and social clients, we are really known for assisting engaged couples with planning the wedding day of their dreams.  However, we go MUCH FURTHER than all other typical "wedding planners."  It is our mission to show Brides and their Grooms how they can think BIGGER - they have been thinking way too small.  They can have a beautiful wedding and wow their guests while at the same time:
  • Preserve their sanity
  • Save thousands of dollars
  • Deepen their relationships with each other and their families
  • And most importantly, plan for a lifetime of happiness and not just 24 hours.

Unfortunately, most of today's wedding planners subscribe to the "it's all about me" philosophy of Brides and do everything they can to focus on the image of the day. 

It is our mission to revolutionize the way people look at weddings.  In an age where almost 51% of marriages end in divorce, it has become our responsibility to help Brides & Grooms (and their families) through the overwhelming stress and chaos that planning a wedding can be so they can focus on the REAL DEAL; their marriage.

We also believe that even though wedding planners are becoming more popular - Brides can MOST CERTAINLY do all the planning on their own.  The economy has greatly affected the way Brides are doing business and they are looking for an economical and organized way to plan their own weddings.  They don't want the fluff, hype or ridiculous extras most authors are including in their DIY planners. 

They want practical, simple and easy to use. 

We gave them that with "The Ultimate Bridal Survivor Wedding Guide" which is not only the most comprehensive "working" organizer on the market; but it also includes separate guides for the Groom, Best Man, Maid of Honor and BOTH sets of parents.

Now in it's third edition, we are making it even better by changing the name to "Blissfully Simple: Wedding Planning for Real Brides with Real Budgets" and changing the design in direct response to the wonderful testimonials we have received endorsing the book.

There is a movement within the wedding industry to get "back to basics" and we are not only honored but thrilled to be at the forefront of it.  We will do everything in our power to further our mission and vision.

Business model

We reach our market (engaged couples) through three distinct ways:

  • We provide excellent, creative and comprehensive event planning services to Brides and their families that want/need our help.
  • We provide the best Do-It-Yourself wedding/planner/organizer on the market.  Showing Brides how to plan their own weddings in a "Blissfully Simple" manner by introducing them to the "BLISS Method," a 4-phased system that guides a Bride step-by-step through the planning, delegation, and execution of her wedding day.
  • And finally, Crista Tharp (owner) is frequently asked to speak on her creative method of planning and her unique philosophy to both Brides AND business owners hoping to help advance this movement of "Putting the Engage back into Engagement" and demolishing the era of Bridezillas.
  Tharp Events (specifically, Crista Tharp) has done hundreds of events for clients ranging from engaged couples to government officials.  She is a pro-lific author and motivational speaker quoted and featured on Fox 59 news, in several high ranking wedding blogs, newspapers and soon to be seen in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine. 

In 2009, Crista earned the distinction of being chosen as one of the Country's Top 200 Moms in Business by StartUp Nation.  You can see her other awards and distinctions at her website

She is able to do her passion because of the love and support from her incredibly handsome husband and 9 young children.