TextRAR is a search engine builder application; it let you transform any spreadsheet into searchable data.
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Company description

TextRAR is a search engine building application. It is a very simple concept to build search engine for your web site or share a bunch of searchable data with colleague and friends.

It works in 3 easy steps:

  1 - You create your dataset; you basically give it a name and chose the maximum records it contains.

  2 - You define your dataset structure; think of it as an excel file and create each column.

  3 - You load your data into the system; the system let you preview your data and skipped records you want out before effectively loading your data.

After these steps you are good to go, just copy a link to your search page and share it. If you prefer to integrate it with your program get API credentials to read the XML search result.

Business model

TextRAR will generate revenue by charging an affordable price to users for the service.

Free service for dataset up to 1.000 records

$9.95/month for dataset up to 10.000 records

$39.95/month for dataset up to 100.000 records

Services includes:

  • - Ability to Share secured search pages with unlimited users
  • - API service to use TextRAR from applications or web sites
  • - Word Trends to see and analyze what keywords users are searching
Competitive advantage

We see three major differences with competition:

The price: Search appliances and other viable solutions are 50X times more expensive that TextRAR depending on your needs and data size. Application based solution can quickly become very costly to implement as they required a lot of memory and hard drive space.

The usability: Most search appliances are designed to search and index file based data, and application solution are generally very complex to implement and required good programming skills. It generally required a lot of efforts to implement a viable solution as compare to TextRAR.

Control over Relevancy: Search appliances and applications do not give you any control over the search result; relevancy logic is already implemented and may not match your business requirements. TextRAR let you calibrate to engine to fit your need down to the lowest level. The system give options to make one column much relevant than another until the search algorithm fit your business needs.