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Tesla Mobile is a patented closed-loop Cloud-based Omnichannel Loyalty platform & Big Data company.
We make Google Ads, Groupons more personalized, combine features that ScreenPay, Qriously, Jana, Brandtone and Haystagg can only provide as a stand-alone lesser product and the highest level of quality real-time data insight for our advertisers, retailers and research clients.
Tesla was founded on the premise that advertising and marketing should be personalized so that consumers get ads and offers that they want without searching; that service providers, advertisers and retailers obtain & retain their consumers and get the impressions and conversions that they want.
Tesla. Everybody wins.℠

The Tesla patented platform comprises:

Predictive Analytics
Marketing, Shopping, Location Intelligence 
and a Smartphone/Tablet, IOS/Android Mobile Wallet app
coupled with your Service Provider (MSO/ISP/MNO-Carrier). 

-- all accessible in the Cloud.