Terem's "Raising Capital" Workshop

Terem's "Raising Capital" Workshop
Prepare for the TOUGH investor questions
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The "Raising Capital" Workshop: 

With Terem Capital's "Raising Capital" Workshop you'll get the "real deal" from an insider's perspective. Our workshop is led by experts who roll up their sleeves with you to help you perfect your pitch and prepare you for the toughest investor questions.

The "Raising Capital" Workshop is an extensive, hands-on, two-day workshop with limited participants to ensure that you get personal attention. You will receive detailed training and formal presentation practice in front of actual investors. And, you will be prepared with the right answers, including:

  • What investors want to hear and what they do not want to hear
  • What your company is worth to investors, and the data to back it up
  • Equity Allocations - how much of your company should you give away
  • Intellectual Property - what you should spend money on protecting and what is the right time
  • All the critical legal documents you must have together
  • Elevator Pitch - what you should be able to tell investors in five minutes or less to get them interested in your business



About Terem:

Terem assists early stage ventures with all aspects of creating a successful business. This includes advising on the structure, management team, amount of financing sought, scientific and industry expertise required and many other things that are critical to developing a successful and profitable business. Terem may make an investment through its affiliate Terem Capital and/or may assist with consulting services. Terem also has strategic partners that may cooperate to syndicate certain investments.

Terem invests in and advises a diverse group of companies including information technology, media, life science, entertainment and real estate.


Terem stands by its portfolio companies through all stages of growth and will assist with emergency bridge financing, obtaining lines of credit and raising additional capital through debt or equity financing. Terem also provides critical management skills that can fill in gaps in companies’ management teams.


Terem brings companies a combination of industry focus, technical expertise, and global experience. Its partners have been a critical part of the success of many businesses spanning many different industries.

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