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Location: 12 S. 1st. St. Suite 620, San Jose, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2013
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 09/2013, Seed: $1.25 M (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
Investors: Jim Bailey
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Content intelligence at scale
San Jose, California, United States United States
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Company description

Temnos offers scalable content intelligence services on a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) model. In essence, you send content (documents or URL’s) to our API and we give you back metadata or metacontent for each item of content that was processed by our platform. Armed with this information, you will gain insight into what your pages are about, which pieces of content are most relevant to each other (and why), and the various ways that pages can be characterized or re-packaged to your benefit.

Metadata Products

  • Temnos Brand Safety — detect and filter spam and potentially unsafe or objectionable content
  • Temnos Categories — organize content into major categories based on a standard or custom taxonomy
  • Temnos Elements — identify the elemental components and characteristics of a document such as the title, author, publication date, language, and reading level
  • Temnos MetaTopics — create customizable collections of related content whether that content exists within or across categories and topics
  • Temnos Tags & Topics — extract concept words, phrases, and entities that identify the subject matter contained in a body of text

Metacontent Products

  • Temnos Headlines — generate new, compelling, alternative titles for documents
  • Temnos Summaries — auto-create abstracts of varying lengths that encapsulate the essence of an article


The Temnos technology stack has been field-proven with major technology, industry and media companies including CNET,, IDG, General Motors, Federated Media, Disqus, and Metaweb. Blending several methodologies together from semantics, AI and other diverse fields of knowledge, the Temnos platform enables developers of document-centric applications to optimize the value of their content and make their products richer and smarter.

Case Study

Drawn from Discussion: Smarter Promoted Discovery (Temnos & Disqus, PPT)

  • Tim Musgrove
    Tim Musgrove | Founder
    Dr. Tim Musgrove is the Founder & Executive Chairmain of Temnos, which provides scalable content intelligence via Platform-as-a-Service.Tim's background areas of ontology, philosophy of language, and cognitive semantics are significantly visib...
  • Peter Ridge
    Peter Ridge | Founder
    Product-oriented executive with extensive experience leading initiatives and development teams at organizations from startup ventures (Mindmaker, ClearJump, TextDigger, Temnos) to top-10 online media companies (CNET, Federated Media Publishin...
  • Jim Hull
    Jim Hull | Team member
Business model

Temnos generates revenue on a volume-based, subscription model. Customers subscribe to one of several packages (based on how rich the metadata or metacontent is that they want to receive) and then pay for any additional document processing volume beyond what is included in a particular package. Rev-share agreements are also available as an alternative to the default document-volume pricing model.

Competitive advantage

There are some competitors who offer point-solutions to some of what Temnos does, such as OpenCalais for tagging, Peer39 for classification, etc. But our platform does all that and more via API’s that are far more rich and flexible to enable developers to customize outputs to their needs.

Temnos is the one-stop solution for every sort of page-level metadata and metacontent you could wish to extract or generate from your text collection to optimize its value in today's highly-competitive media marketplace. The technology has been field-proven by major technology, industry and media companies including CNET,, IDG, General Motors, Federated Media, Disqus, Metaweb, and more.

Case Study

Drawn from Discussion: Smarter Promoted Discovery (Temnos & Disqus, PPT)

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Rajesh Chandran - Unconfirmed