Tello Lets Anyone Rate Customer Service On-The-Go
Palo Alto, California, United States United States
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Company description
  • Tello's mobile apps for iPhone/iPad and Android are the fastest and easiest way to rate customer service wherever you go. Had a good experience? Share it! Got something to say about less-than-perfect service? Want the business to get back to you? Now you can rate any employee, at any business, and even request a reply, in just seconds.
  • Tello lets you find nearby businesses with just one tap by using your current location. If a business is not listed, you can simply add it to Tello via the app.
  • Once you locate the business, pick an existing employee by name or add a new one. Then, rate your service experience with a thumbs-up or down. You can even include a short comment about the experience.
  • You can share your rating on Facebook or Twitter directly from Tello. These social features help you discover great service and direct your friends to deserving businesses.
  • You can also use Tello to research and compare other people's customer service ratings for businesses before you decide where to go.
  • Signing up for Tello is easy -- you can use your email address or Facebook Connect. To download Tello for the iPhone/iPad, go to or