Location: 1130 Madera Ave, Menlo Park, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2012
Stage: Pre-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Menlo Park, California, United States United States
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Company description

TechyKids is the best way to learn and make anything while keeping track of your learning.  It can be used in school environments or home to learn robotics, engineering, collaboration and creativity.  It is a new learning system for 21st century skills.

TechyKids was founded by Sharon Marzouk, a female entrepreneur, educator and engineer.  It is a blend of all her passions, and it is also a new way for individuals to learn in a hands on way.  It is also a new way for educators to be able to teach content in the classroom using technology to allow student driven learning.

  • Sharon Marzouk
    Sharon Marzouk | Founder
    Sharon Marzouk is the Founder and CEO of, and an avid technology and robotics educator in Silicon Valley since 2010, with years of experience teaching kids of all ages.
Business model

TechyKids is an online platform with membership options.  We are also the US distributor of the Thymio robot and partner with different maker tools to create content, distribute, and promote their quality educational products.  We help turn educational tools into learning systems.  We also train and help educators with their creative and technical confidence.

Competitive advantage

Built from many years of knowledge and continual user testing from an educator, engineer, design perspective.  TechyKids was built by one person over many years for a very holistic and cohesive experience.

Teachers can drag and drop lessons into new courses and quickly edit and publish them into full courses.  Students create projects and there are associated learning paths.  The TechyKids system teaches technical skills, collaboration, human centered design, entrepreneurship, software, and hardware.  The Innovative system allows teachers to quickly create relevant learnings for their kids and have it full of quality content that teachers can depend on and see results.  Teachers can also create and share content with other teachers, and multiple interdisciplinary teachers can collaborate amongst each other to create new projects and uniformly track student progress.


The system allows the teacher to facilitate and easily manage the classroom, while not being the only knowledge keeper of the room.  This allows students to learn from experts in the field online with curated video, interactive components, text, and audio.  TechyKids is one of the only online system that involves the use of physical hardware and not only teaches how to use tools, but also how it all works and relates to the learner's world.  There are over 200+ projects created by kids out of various materials posted on the website and searchable by what it is made out of.  These projects inspire kids to accomplish and publish their project, and it also inspires next iterations of the publish projects promoting creativity, collaboration and advancement.


Multiple tools can be learned in the class at the same time and multiple original projects being completed at the same time.  This can give classrooms the ability to have a wider variety of tools for a lower cost.  Also by having quality content accessible by all learners, the teacher no longer needs to be a full-on expert of subject matters before introducing them into his or her classroom, allowing greater classroom learning.


The system shifts the educator in the classroom to help answer questions from curious learners and remove learning obstacles and barriers.  TechyKids enables collaboration amongst students and engages the many senses of learning such as auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.  Students can visually see their progress and end up with tangible outcomes in the form of projects they have created and can be proud of and show off.