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TechStone Soft
Mobile device management / security , Cloud Services
Roseville, California, United States United States
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Company description

TechStone Soft delivers a robust set of easy to use, globally relevant Over-The-Air

that are designed to enhance productivity while providing superior security to its users, across every major Operating System. Since our inception in January 2008, we have delivered a comprehensive set of free OTA cloud services through our MobiWee product suite, which allows mobile device (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, RIM) users to:

 Transfer, backup, and manage all their contacts

 Send & receive SMS messages on their computer, as well as one-click SMS backup and


 Send ringtones, pictures, etc to their mobile device or simply browse mobile device files

from any web browser

 Locate their mobile device: our one-click location technology finds any misplaced or stolen

phone on a map.

 The MobiWee services suite was created with the belief that simply storing your information

in some far away server only to be heard from when you lose your phone is not the way to

go. MobiWee allows users to remotely locate their lost or stolen phone, forward it to any

number, retrieve any data, media, or contact list, then lock, wipe, encrypt, or delete

certificates; even if the SIM card has been removed.


Business model

Rooted in the exponential growth of consumer to SMB and enterprise

adoption (i.e. Wi-Fi, Gmail, IM, SMS, iPhone, Skype) as opposed to the

relatively slow growing enterprise to consumer adoption (i.e. Blackberry).

We understand today's consumer drives tomorrow's

enterprise/employee requirements.

TechStone Soft targets the following customers accordingly:

 Consumers / Prosumers: Free cloud computing website with a limited set of services marketed through social networks, internet search engines, ads, media, events..

•Target early adopters and creative users of technology to stay ahead of consumer needs

•Focus on simple to use high value services, make it fun

•Charge premium for higher functionality- i.e. location is free, certificate is not)


 •Enterprise/ Device Manufacturers: Deliver proven cloud based services that are easy to implement

•Focus on file management and security

•Deliver services with low cost of entry and maintenance •Connect with carrier through Enterprises and ODM

•Offer the ODMs differentiated products for enterprise for great user experience

Communication Service Providers: Not in target

•Great channel to consumers, enterprises & SMBs but require a lot of resources


Competitive advantage

The rapid growth in smartphone adoption, cloud services, and shift to a heterogeneous,

consumerzed IT business environment has left financially strapped businesses and IT departments

scrambling to accommodate employee wants (i.e. iPhones, SaaS, etc) with company needs (lowcost,

secure mobile solutions).

MobiWee resolves this considerable crisis by providing compelling, productivity-enhancing solutions

that are simple enough for the technologically ambivalent, yet maintain the highest level of

security, making them a critical IT tool as well. Our workflow solutions and software automation

foundation represent an evolution of how self help customer experience should be.

Ex: The ability to transfer contacts across multiple OS platforms appeals to consumers that are

either switching phones or simply would like their data fluid, while the enterprise offering highlights

MobiWee's ability to remotely push digital badges to a mobile device (i.e. even when an executive

is abroad, IT is still able to troubleshoot with minimal time and effort).


As a suite of self-care cloud services, MobiWee employs the key elements to reducing enterprise


o Compelling content, the key driver for adoption, is user generated.

o As a self-care cloud service, MobiWee is able to offer tangible solutions at a fraction of the cost of

traditional host/server models. The cloud framework is easily duplicated to match any private or public

user population, which also facilitates a rapid increase in scale (i.e. like Facebook or Gmail, it can be

implemented in private companies or hosted anywhere in the world).

o Mobilizing data has become essential to our daily lives, but risky in terms of privacy and security.

Unfortunately, most consumers and IT departments cannot provide tangible alternatives (due to budgets,

tech savvy, etc) to ubiquitous proprietary technology (i.e. Skype, LogMeIn, etc). The need for data to be

where and when you need it almost always outweighs the risks associated with storing sensitive and

private data on mobile devices.