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MobiWee: The Cloud, Delivered
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The MobiWee suite of cloud services ( is the user-centric solution to the most common pain points associated with mobile information management:

·         Traditional syncing tethers users to their computer

o   MobiWee provides OTA/cloud collaboration from any PC, Mac, or mobile device (OS agnostic).

·         Mobilizing data is risky

o   MobiWee secures sensitive data with remote lock/wipe, remote data encryption, remote certificate export/installation, and remote device location services- even when the mobile device is lost, stolen, or the SIM card has been removed.

·         High Cost for Services and Support

o   MobiWee reduces costs by utilizing a scalable cloud computing model (host servers do not require regular maintenance or a dedicated IT staff).

·         Usability & User Experience

o   MobiWee offers compelling services that require little to no technical expertise to personalize, collaborate, and secure mobile devices.

Users have the freedom to remotely access, backup, sync, and secure their phone over the 3GSM or Wifi network- no matter what phone, operating system, or computer the user is running (currently running on Windows 6.0 & 6.1 with Android, Symbian, iPhone, Palm Pre, and Blackberry in the pipeline).

The MobiWee services suite was created with the belief that simply storing your information in some far away server only to be heard from when you lose your phone is not the way to go. MobiWee allows users to remotely locate their lost or stolen phone, forward it to any number, retrieve any data, media, or contact list, then lock, wipe, encrypt, or delete certificates (for prosumers) - even if the SIM card has been removed.

MobiWee also reduces the hassle of phone upgrades by facilitating Exchange, POP3/IMAP email configuration. With one click on the email icon, MobiWee sends your email settings to your device over the 3G or Wifi network.

The full list of MobiWee features includes:

Contact Management/Backup: Remotely backup, restore, delete or add a new contact to your device from any web browser. Transfer your contacts when you upgrade or lose your phone.

File Management/Transfer: File manager reads and displays all files and folders (including your SD card), making it easy to add, remove, backup, and restore your documents, files, music, ringtones, or videos.

SMS Management: Send, receive, copy and paste messages to one or more contacts directly from your computer.

Exchange, POP/IMAP: Automatically set up your exchange server, POP3/IMAP on your device OTA.

Call Forwarding: Call forwarding allows you to remotely redirect your phone to any phone number when you leave your device at home, ensuring that you never miss another important call.

Application Manager: Remotely export and install any mobile device application.

Locate My Device: Whether on the bus, at the airport, or simply left at work, with the mobile device location service, you’re never left guessing.

Encrypt/Decrypt: Encrypt the data on your phone with just one click.

Lock/Wipe: Just click to lock or reset your device and external memory to factory settings from any web browser.

Export/Install Certificate: Take the work out of security while securing your work by exporting and installing certificates remotely from any computer.

Shutdown/Restart: Ensure your privacy and conserve battery power by shutting down or restarting your mobile device from any web browser.

TechStone Soft is a startup company established in January, 2008 in Roseville, California, company’s official website is  

TechStone Soft provides software solutions, workflow automation, and Over-The-Air (OTA) technology collaboration converging on the internet cloud as a communication space that enhances the user experience.

For more information on MobiWee:
admin ( @ ) techstonesolutions dot com

Business model
Rooted in the exponential growth of consumer to enterprise and SMB adoption (i.e. Wi-Fi, IM, SMS) as opposed to the relatively slow growing enterprise to consumer adoption, TechStone Soft will target consumers accordingly (for more details, please contact us at: admin ( @ ) techstonesolutions dot com
Competitive advantage
Currently, the market is saturated with mobile device management services that approach usability from an IT-centric point of view: with the aim of controlling rather than empowering the consumer. In contrast, MobiWee has the consumer in mind; every service has been streamlined to be as efficient and simple as possible while including superior security protection as an additional benefit.