Location: PO Box 40007, Arlington, Virginia, United States United States
Founded in: 2009
Stage: Alpha (prototype)
Number of employees: 1-5
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Matching qualified and willing tech users to compatible service providers
Arlington, Virginia, United States United States
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Company description

Techmatcher™ is a matching service designed to bring tech users and service providers together by removing the barriers of technical lingo and inadequate information.

IT service providers -- like tech support firms, web services companies and independent IT consultants -- can create detailed profiles and access tools to assess the market.

For those of you who are computer users, Techmatcher uses custom matching logic to take the information you provide and return the names and contact information for service providers that can meet your needs.

There are 3 basic search types:

Service Search
Techmatcher will focus on identifying service providers that provide services you can use

Skills Search
Techmatcher will focus on identifying service providers with specific skill sets and staff you may need

Geographic Search
Techmatcher will focus on identifying service providers who are close to your location(s).


For Service Providers, there are three specific ways Techmatcher will help you tell a better story and reach new customers:

  • In-depth profiles lead to better matches

    Going beyond basic directory-style listings, Techmatcher provides an opportunity to share in-depth information on everything from a provider's skills-to-staff, or locations and experience to create a more complete profile. Customers can provide more clarity about their needs and preferences without having to delve into tech speak. The result: Better information = better probability of a fit.
  • Market analytics provide insight on trends

    Techmatcher's basic profile pages will give registered providers access to analytics providing high-level data on what customers are looking for across the market via Techmatcher. Through real-time charts, providers can gain insight into how trends impact marketing and customer outreach.

  • Subscriber tools provide local data and business intelligence (BI)

    For our subscribers, Techmatcher's enhanced analytics will provide a range of data offerings and tools to help providers target services to local needs.  Subscribers will be able to export data for input into their own business intelligence (BI) systems. 

Using a host of online services and tools, Techmatcher enables provider-customer connections through in-depth profiles, analysis, and other tools to help simplify the matching process.

  • D.J. Smith
    D.J. Smith | Team member
    D.J. Smith is a self-confessed serial entrepreneur and loves to help good ideas take shape and grow.  In addition to Techmatcher, D.J. is a digital strategist with 14 years experience and the founder/co-founder of several other ventu...
  • Neal Smith
    Neal Smith | Team member
     An IT consultant with more than 15 years experience in various roles (CIO, Project Manager, Director), Neal began in corporate IT in the healthcare industry developing reporting systems, Data Warehousing, and Business Intelligence services. ...