Tech Shark Investment Group
Location: California, United States United States
Founded in: 2011
Stage: Not applicable
Number of employees: 1-5
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Tech Shark Investment Group

Investment Group
Angel group or VC
California, United States United States
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Company description

Who We Are


A private investment group of only technology industry business owners and fortune 500 tech professionals throughout Southern California. We not only provide capital, technical resources, business connections, but most importantly, our knowledge of starting, running, selling either our own technology companies or large corporate US companies. 


Our Investment Focus 

First focus is to be early investors in potential startups mainly in the technology industry. We have the operational experience, industry knowledge, and professional network in supporting every stage of a startup's growth potential.

Second focus is to invest in a management team with strong knowledge and experience in other industries though wanting a technology partner to provide capital, technology experience, and technology resources for expansion or continued growth. 

Our third focus is investing, partnering, or acquiring small established companies below $20 million in revenues. The goals are to provide synergies and build long term partnerships between all invested companies within our current Tech Shark portfolio.

Business model

To Invest!

Competitive advantage


With over 150+ technology owners and professionals looking to invest in technology opportunities, Tech Sharks who speaks tech, is a great group not only to get capital but to get the best business experience in the technology industry.    

  • Opportunity to Present for FREE!
  • Technology Partner
  • Fast Track to Success
  • Tech Sharks are the Technology Industry Prequalified SEC Accredited Investors
  • Capital $$


Tech Shark Investors

Our group was created for the busy technology business owner and professional looking to invest, partner with tech startups and establish businesses. 


  • Tech Sharks are Technology Specific
  • Collaborative Investing
  • Greater Potential & Reduced Risk
  • Diversify Personal Portfolios
  • Current With Latest Technologies
  • Fun With Tech Peer Group
  • Mentor Other Tech Entrepreneurs
  • Introduce Investing to the Tech Industry