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Teachmeo is an international marketplace and community where anyone who wants to learn and/or teach and skill can connect via live, one-on-one video. We're planning to revolutionize the way people learn & teach by becoming the largest interactive educational marketplace in the world.

Teachmeo's range of learning topics is limited only by the imagination. Crochet, origami, music lessons, sign language, sushi making.... these are just a few of the countless hobbies and skills that Teachmeo will cover.

Unlike other e-learning websites that specialize in pre-recorded videos or impersonal webinars, Teachmeo provides a true one-on-one learning environment that replicates the experience of being with a teacher in the same room. This is especially helpful for teachers and students who might be separated by hundreds, or even thousands, of miles but now can meet face-to-face in the comfort of their own homes.



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