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Company description

Target Market Publications helps financial professionals stay connected to their clients with e-publications that provide relevant educational and concept information.
Our publishing system does all the work for you and we can brand your publications with your look, logo and color scheme. Our default content is interesting and informative, educating your clients on the financial issues that affect their lives. We also have the ability to satisfy your communications needs in hard copy if that is the delivery method you prefer. We strive to be your one source for connecting to your clients in both e-marketing and print. Let Target Market Publications make you look good!

  • Target Market Publications, LLC provides a powerful, simple to use and economical toolset that simplifies One to One marketing for Independent Insurance Agents, Financial Advisors and other financial professionals.
  • Whether you specialize in Health, Life, Annuity, Property Casualty, Financial Planning, Investments or you "Cover the Waterfront" your clients and prospects need to hear from you regularly so you are always "top of mind."
  • TMP supports the need to stay connected with clients and prospects with services ranging from automatic email marketing to a full range of printed products that support your business
  • TMP's goal is to always make YOU more efficient, productive and successful.

Business model
Target Market Publications LLC (TMP) was established to simplify one to one marketing services for agents, brokers, advisors, financial planners and other independent businesses in the financial services space.  With a few clicks and less than 10 minutes, sales professionals can be in front of their customers with quality look and content for under $60 per month.  TMP is targeting the over 1 million licensed independent financial sales professionals in the US.  TMP's technology can also support the needs of financial service companies and independent distribution systems.  Following the initial rollout of e-newsletters and other e-publications, TMP will shortly provide full one to one marketing services including prospect research and complete publishing support.
Competitive advantage
We focus on creating marketing messages that are educational in nature to keep your clients informed on the latest developments, concepts and strategies of their financial lives.

Our goal is to do the work for you! We understand the difficulty of keeping up with marketing and yet also know that effective marketing must be timely, quality and consistent, therefore we have developed a system that will deliver customized branded marketing to your clients and all you have to do is some basic set up on the front end. We will make you look good to your clients!

Our e-marketing and publishing system is driven by our ConnectPointTM dashboard. This is a one-stop screen that will allow you to do all the things necessary to get your e-marketing moving. Here you can create your look and branding, you can upload your logo and photo, you can choose your content concentration and you can select your frequency. This powerful yet simple to use dashboard makes connecting with your clients quick and easy. Just choose your preferences and we do the rest for you!

Our ConnectPointTM e-publishing dashboard provides the electronic "touches" to support your brand (or helps you establish one) with 2 economical monthly packages and an additional Brokerage Package , no long term contracts, and convenient monthly billing. Some of the features include:
  • Monthly e-Newsletters pre-loaded with default content of interest to your clients/prospects
  • e-Holiday and Birthday cards
  • Add your picture and logo
  • Click reports detailing client interest delivered to your inbox after each publication
  • Branding to complement your existing website
  • Links to your website and social networking sites
  • Automatic content archive
  • Fully SAS 70 certified - (the highest level of confidentiality available)
  • Easily add any required compliance language and personal message
Options to:
  • Add your own introduction paragraph
  • Add your own content, announcements or other personal message
  • Ability to link to any web content
  • Simplified "cut and paste" article additions
  • Add PDFs, Text, HTML, or Flash Video
  • Complete custom template design
  • Interactive reader polls