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Ridgefield, Connecticut, United States United States
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Enable universal launch and recovery with moving vehicles, for both rotary wing and fixed wing drones.  Already demonstrating highway speeds and moving swiftly to MVP with a DoD Small Business Innovation Research Phase II contract.  Possess an end-end solution for the last mile for package delivery, from our truck to a electronic smart mailbox by our partner Valqari.


Awards and Mentions
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    Connecticut Innovations funded CTNext for Entrepreneur Innovation Award, to include winning the Judges' Choice Award first of twelve.
  • Business model

    Direct sales to B2B and B2G in the package delivery industry and to the military.

    Competitive advantage

    First mover with a universal launch and recovery platform for all drones. Agnostic to drones. Works at all speeds. Very high cycle rates for increased productivity.  3 patents for large barriers to entry.  Only solution in last 100 years of aviation experts trying that actually works repeatedly and reliably.

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    Doug Neugold - Unconfirmed
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    Steven Depalmer - Unconfirmed