Location: 8271 Melrose Ave. Ste 103, Los Angeles, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2013
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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- Date: 06/2014, Seed: undisclosed amount (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
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Los Angeles, California, United States United States

Taplet is an app where people capture HD content from any video. Simply record or upload a video and tap the screen to pull out photos from the footage. We boast legendary imaging technology to ensure stills are of the highest quality, perform all the processing on the device, and manage to do so at lightning speed. Our team is located in LA.

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Company description


We all have certain moments that are forever engraved in our memory. A friend's expression after awakening to fireworks, the stunning landscape while skydiving towards the earth, or a baby taking her first steps. These events lived on for seconds or minutes yet the brain chose to remember only specific instances. And since our eyes work very much like a video camera, we wondered why we can’t pick out perfect moments from footage the way our brain does with what we see. 

In 2013 Taplet was born.

Taplet is an iPhone app letting people capture HD content from any video. Simply record or upload a video and tap the screen to pull out photos from the footage. We boast legendary imaging technology to ensure stills are of the highest quality, perform all the processing on the device, and manage to do so at lightning speed. We believe all videos have potential, which is why users can upload iPhone, GoPro, Vimeo, Kodak, Canon, Youtube and any other type of footage to our app. Our advanced recording features also let users do some pretty remarkable things- like flip the front and back camera (and for the first time ever) while recording on an iPhone.  


Mobile video has grown tremendously in the last 2 years. As camera quality improves on smart phones and new, mobile friendly hardware like GoPro continues to come out the more footage users are recording. So first and foremost we wanted to build an easy way to pull out gorgeous photos from any footage and let people upload the images directly from Taplet to their favorite networks.

Additionally, while many have attempted to solve the personalized video sharing space (Youtube, Instagram and Vine), none have truly succeeded. After laborious research we've pinpointed the innate issues with video sharing and according to users have removed those barriers. Does this mean Taplet will include its own social video platform? You bet. 

The future is bright

Taplet has already created a completely new way of getting photos. We did this by making the process insanely easy- literally all a user needs to do is tap the screen- and by developing proprietary imaging technology that works in your pocket. Our video sharing platform holds true to the same level of simplicity, speed, and intelligence.

Aside from tapping to retrieve photos, users can hold down the screen to pull out HD video clips from their footage. When multiple clips are retrieved Taplet stitches them back together and creates a shortened, highlight reel of the video, which you can then upload to our network. Taplet displays videos at a higher resolution and does so while keeping the file size small and without altering the video quality. 





Business model

Why are we doing this?

The camera was invented more than 200 years ago. Hardware has improved a ton since then... yet we’re still taking photos in the same, traditional way- point and shoot. On the other hand, the growth in video has given us access to new and amazing content. We can record stuff- like a play during a football game or a baby taking her first steps- and decide after which moments are worth capturing.

Taplet is the first ever application to make photo extraction simple and add proprietary imaging technology to ensure the highest quality stills. 

Marketing strategy

The Taplet Internship Program is our main go-to-market strategy. We've selected 25 of the top universities in the U.S. and through our relationships at each university have been paired with the most active, entrepreneurial students. Each school has two interns whom are granted course credit towards their degree, a letter of recommendation, perks, and possibly full-time offers. Universities are launched at specific times to ensure we build out our social graph in the most effective way. Interns are monitored, compete against each other, and are offered a wide range of resources to make their individual marketing campaigns as successful as possible. 

In the coming weeks we are launching another structured program geared towards high-school students. 

We should also note that while we are using students to spread Taplet, much of our early focus is on getting GoPro consumers. With GoPros's recent IPO the company is receiving incredible attention and growth and at the same time their customers still don't have a way to easily pull out quality photos from their HD footage. 

Early stats and current state

Average usage is 3x a day

Almost 15% of users now use Taplet to record videos on their iPhone

Raised an early seed round and after oversubscribing just opened up a larger round. Although Taplet just started its private beta, we've already turned down partnerships with companies like Kodak and the opportunity for a pre-install on all Monster tablets. Taplet recently relocated to Los Angeles because of its digital media nature and is hosting its pilot launch at San Diego State at the start of September. 

Competitive advantage

Taplet vs. the competition

There are few apps that let users pull out images from their videos. Of the apps that do exist, they all return a frame from the footage. Taplet uses incredible image processing techniques like factoring and image fusion to pull out the least blurry frames and then post-process them to increase their clarity and quality. We do all of our processing directly on the phone and in a matter of milliseconds. 

Simplicity is key

Taplet was built so 5 and 65-year olds alike can use the app with ease. We did this by taking advantage of fundamental gestures used to interact with mobile devices- tap or hold. Tap to pull out amazing photos from footage or hold to pull out HD video clips from footage. It's that easy. There are no editing tools, there are no wrong decisions to make.

Content browsing the way you want it

While Taplet's social network supports hashtags and hashtag browsing, we wanted to build a more structured way for users to find specific content. So we created an Interests platform where people could view content related to Sports, Funny, Cute, Popular and more. Every so often we even host a vote to lets users cast their opinions for a new interest section. 

We don’t use the typical number of “likes” to measure popularity. Instead, we’ve come up with an algorithmic score based on a post’s views, replays, comments, likes, and favorites to show a true measure of a post’s social success. This is essentially like taking all the relevant info of a Youtube video and intelligently bundling it together to create a total popularity score. 

A few of the many markets fit for Taplet

  • Weddings
  • GoPro
  • Sports
  • Fashion