Hyper Mobile Video
San Jose, California, United States United States
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Company description

Tamatura primarily is building Xodia.

Xodia is a radical video optimization platform targeted towards mobile video.

We provide:

  • On the fly real time broadcasting over wireless broadcast networks such as LTE Broadcast, public Wi-fi
  • Micro-CDN - a subscriber edge content delivery network

This is based on our propritary hyperlocal model - a spatio-temporal model . This is a unique BIG DATA technology with data elements that are unique to us[not yet another social data based system]

Customers are wireless carrier and public wifi providers and customers[Boingo, airports, trains, coffe shops, etc]

Business model

SaaS cloud based model - transactional

Competitive advantage

Unique technology delivering bandwidth effeciency in crowded locations

Other solutions have followed the same path/s i.e. network conditions based, policy based, compression. Our solution looks at this in acompletely different way and applies deep intelligence based on our technology in actually delivering bandwidth effeciency and enabling increasing ARPU[revenue] for the customer