Tallenge Inc.

Tallenge Inc.
Earth’s Largest Talent Platform.
Fremont, California, United States United States
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Tallenge is Earth’s Largest Talent Platform.


Everyone wants to be rich & famous. Reality/competitive contests offer the opportunity but are limited by the constraints of television and the physical world. UGC sites (like YouTube) are flooded with commercial content and are non-competitive. Categories outside performing arts have no avenue for showcase and discovery. This is the gap that Tallenge is filling.


Tallenge offers users an online platform to showcase their skills and compete against one another to win fame and fortune. Any person; amateur, hobbyist or pro, with any demonstratable talent, in any language or format, from any part of the world can participate and win on www.Tallenge.com. The simple process involves uploading an entry on Tallenge and broadcasting it across one’s social networks. Visitors to the site then vote for entries in a unique head-to-head format. Every week, a winner (the one with the most votes) walks away with cash, fame and opportunities.


Tallenge allows participants to benefit from their social capital and empowers the viewers by putting them in the judge’s chair. Tallenge aims to democratize and gamify the global talent discovery process. We have no geographic limitations, we accept every form of talent and we have one of the largest prize purse. All of this makes Tallenge “Earth’s Largest Talent Platform”.


The response to our beta launch has been phenomenal!


- In 12 weeks, we have over 150,000 site visitors, 9000+ member sign-ups and 6000+ entries from across 130 countries.


- There’s traction across all categories – performing arts, visual arts, literature and more


All of this is achieved with '0' ad spend. Our entire marketing strategy is social media marketing driven. No other start-up has found this kind of global traction in under 3 months of launch.


Tallenge is founded by Praveen Gupta (http://linkd.in/PraveenG), an engineer-MBA and experienced entrepreneur.