Location: Winzeldorfer Weg 18, Hamburg, Germany Germany
Founded in: 2007
Stage: Napkin (idea)
Number of employees: 1-5
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Talicious...the talent community
Hamburg, Germany Germany
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Company description

TALICIOUS is a talent community Website that allows people to share their talent, communicate with other interesting people and be discovered by scouts or agencies who can easily search the site.

TALICIOUS was born out of the idea to give talented people the chance to show the world their talents and if they want to, be discovered. We have tried to make this as easy as possible; both for the talents to upload their profile and for their friends, family and people with the same interest as well as scouts to find them.

Basically, TALICIOUS is a community for talented people and those that work with them.

Anyone who has a talent can upload media (video, audio, image or text files) to show his or her talent. The media is categorized by the talent to make it easier for others to find, and to create groups for the talents to compete in. The average rating determines the talents position in the category.

The focus of the site are the talents. We aim to have only original media from people who would like to show their talents to the world, and for everybody to be able to rank and discuss those talents, related news, gossip, locations, equipment or anything else. Like music charts, talents will move up and down the ranking which is determined by our users.

There are other great Websites where you can upload your media, but because we are focused purely on talented people, talents have a much better chance of being seen and maybe even ‘discovered'.

Business model

Unlike sitersTalicious is currently funded by us but once the site has the desired traffic and user numbers, we hope to start competitions with other companies. One idea is to partner with a media partner and another company and start a competition on the site. Thus, for example, a clothing label could start a competition where they are looking for the most talented designer. With the winner getting some cloths from the clothing label or even a job/ internship there. The media partner would get content, the clothing label would get free advertising and we would get more users and offer our existing users a service. It would also show the customers of the clothing label that they are supporting young talent.

Competitive advantage

DanielUnlike sites such as MySpace, Flickr, YouTube and co (which are all great sites of course) we purely focus on talents and therefore there is a much higher concentration of talented people on the site.

Our easy to use site, with clear lines, also make the site extremely easy to use and therefore, user friendly.

Also, compared to other 'user content generated' sites, advertisers know that their banners will not be placed next to potentially controversial content.