Developers of digital gamified applications to identify and treat attention deficits
Cremorne, Australia Australia
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Tali exists to assist the 136M children worldwide diagnosed with severe attention deficits and the many more that can benefit from improved attention as a developing cognitive skill. The Tali platform, delivered utilising a tablet touchscreen interface, consists of research driven tools to identify and improve specific attention deficits during early childhood - the period of peak neuroplasticity - laying the foundation that allows a child a better opportunity to learn and grow.

Tali Train, launched in Australia in 2018, is a clinically validated digital gamified cognitive training program that targets attention as a specific cognitive skill. Based on over 25 years of research, the Tali Train program has been shown to significantly improve attention and numeracy skills 3 months after completing a 25-session program delivered using tablet touchscreen technology. Case studies and early results from new clinical research have shown that the program also has benefit for typically developing children.

Tali Detect, a digital gamified screening tool for attention deficits during early childhood, is due to launch in August 2019. Tali Detect will identify children that are exhibiting signs and symptoms of attention deficits at an age that is difficult to obtain a clinical diagnosis but critical for initiating early intervention strategies. This will provide healthcare professionals, educators, and families the information to appropriate interventions, including Tali Train and clinical strategies, to ensure children have the best possible chance to thrive.