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Company description

In its early stage, Takoomi worked hard to explore, understand, and experiment in the mobile advertising space, in order to find the elusive formula for an effective mobile advertising campaign, primarily performance based user acquisition.


In a nutshell

Our vision is to transform how developers & advertisers manage their mobile campaigns. We present crucial insights on their user acquisition campaigns, and define parameters to identify high-value users and optimize advertising spend. We achieve it by using our own unique technology, innovative thinking, big-data and the power of predictive analytics.Our mission is to provide marketers, developers & agencies the tools to present complex data in beautiful, simple, and effective ways.


The problem

The mobile advertising space is more dynamic and complex than any form of advertising before it. It’s defined by countless ad-networks, apps, devices, browsers, ad types, user behaviors, and other parameters that all blend together in chaos. More than ever, advertisers are challenged with increasing competition and rising prices of mobile ad inventory.


The solution

Takoomi develops its technology to end that chaos in an easy and intuitive way. This allows its clients not only to increase their user acquisition conversion rates, but also to substantially boost user value. The process helps eliminate weak variables, while focusing on the valuable ones. And this means more effective campaigns.

 Unlike other services, Takoomi aims to be a one-stop shop for the mobile advertising arena. To provide integration of all the major providers, ad-networks, RTBs etc. and a full suite of tools every mobile marketer needs, all in one place.

 Unlike other players, Takoomi relies on big-data and machine-learning algorithms to provide insights, suggestions and predictive analytics for current and future campaigns.

We collect & analyze every parameter possible, even those that are seemingly negligible. With pixels implementation for multiple events, we add an additional layer of user value to our data – which enables us to identify the exact audience and user value our clients’ aim for.

To protect its clients and meet an increasing demand, Takoomi is also developing an anti-intelligence BI shield. With the market flooded with BI tools designed to spy on the developers & marketers’ methods and advertising resources, it is more important than ever to protect their assets and efforts. Our BI Shield’s sole purpose is to minimize any business counter-intelligence on our developers’ assets and mobile campaigns.