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Tagcade takes ad serving to the next level. Our platform enable publishers to manage all their ad tag daisy chained inventory for both display and video using our proprietary “universal passback” and drag-and-drop technology. With the universal passback tag, all the demand partners get the same universal passback tag, regardless of how many ad placement or ad sizes are on each page of the site. This enables the publisher to make changes to their daisy chain in seconds. A change can be made by using our UI to simply drag and drop a demand partner from one position in the daisy chain to another without having to contact any of their demand partners. 

 Our reporting module allows publisher to get real-time actionable stats on the performance of all their demand partners through our UI. Our traffic analytics module gives our clients much deeper insight than Google Analytics into the performance of their audience development strategy -- and does it all in real-time. Publishers can offer direct advertisers viewability reports, which show when and in what position on the page their ad ran. We will soon be releasing a traffic quality verification module which will help identify any non-human traffic back to its sources.