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Company description

Tabless syncs guitar tabs with their songs, making it easier to learn and play your favorite music.

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    Promising start-ups compete for an opportunity to showcase at SF MusicTech Summit.
  • Business model

    Freemium. We're planning to offer the core product for free. Advanced features, such as loops, 50% playback, printing, and so forth may be unlocked for purchase. However, these features can also be unlocked via contributing to the site or referring others. We may also employ advertising as a secondary revenue stream.

    Competitive advantage

    Other companies that try to innovate in this field don't understand that catalog is king. They add features or make things look cool, but at the cost of making it harder for users to add content, which means a smaller catalog and consequently a less useful product. These other innovators also don't understand the mechanical licensing required to display tabs publicly. The only reason they're able to get away without licensing is because their products are unpopular.

    The companies that *are* popular are the non-innovators. The popular tab sites that do understand that catalog is king do not have any innovative features and are not willing to take risks (this is their business strategy and it works for them). This means that we have an advantage over them as a startup because we are willing to take risks to innovate and develop a superior product.