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Company description is a publicly-supported campaign to correct the path of capital within capital markets by modernizing the U.S. Treasury with a systemaccounting technology. Visit to sign the White House petition below:

Modernize the U.S. Treasury with a systemaccounting technology to establish public independence from the banking system.

The Problem:

According to 12 U.S.C. § 1841(c) a “bank” is defined as a private firm that may compete in a free market while receiving special legal privilege to combine the service of investing money with the other two services of storing & moving money.

The Solution:

The fundamental law of the free market requires that the only firms which are to receive additional access to capital are those that scientifically demonstrate an above-average rate of return; not a legal charter. To correct the path of capital, eliminate collection costs, and maximize economic transparency and growth, the United States Department of the Treasury is to modernize for the public via the adoption of a systemaccounting technology.

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Business model

Implementing a systaccounting platform for the U.S. Treasury will enable members of the public to pay and recieve payment through a system that automates the cash accounting function instead of a banking function.
Users seeking capital will be able to publish the performance of their business online, at their leasure, thus allowing their participation in capital markets without the involvement of Wall Street or the banking industry. Once the demand for capital is correctly signaled by scientifically-verified rates of return, the independent allocation of capital will be optimized to ensure the system reaches its growth-maximizing point.
In addition, the feature of automatic payments will enable systemaccounting users to pay their local, state and federal taxes automatically, as well as dividends, payroll, and any other commitment that risks adding drag to an economy if unfulfilled.

Your ideal economic model is's business model.

Competitive advantage

Optimizing the allocation of capital within capital markets through the invention of a "systemclock" (see: