Location: Los Altos, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2014
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Los Altos, California, United States United States
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SyncUp provides an extremely easy way of sharing ETA's without sharing location. Say goodbye to the anxious wait time when meeting a friend or attending an event because now all attendees will know each other's ETA and can plan their time accordingly. All you have to do is create an event - your friend accepts it and then everything works seamlessly.

There have been numerous times when we text our friends along the lines of, “What is your ETA? How far are you? When will you reach here? These questions have become such an integral part of our daily routine that we don’t even realize the amount of time we spend waiting for our friends or vice versa. There have been times when we are running late and hence end up texting or calling our friends while driving. But now, with SyncUp your friends can stay updated about your ETA with notifications and can see your arrival time in the app. Moreover, this notification based system is perfect for wearable devices.


  • Saumitra Maheshwari
    Saumitra Maheshwari | Founder
    Seeking a full time software engineering position with an esteemed organization so that I can broaden my technical and personal horizons in the field of software development.