Turning the Performing Arts into an Interactive Global Experience
New York City, New York, United States United States
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Company description

Like Journalism, Fashion, Literature and Advertising, Virtual Ovation TV is re-inventing the performing arts for a wired twenty-first century audience. No longer confined to four walls, Virtual Ovation is turning the arts into a live interactive, global experience. The result is an entirely new form of performance that is as spontaneous and risk filled as live theater but which is available, in real time, to anyone, anywhere in the world regardless of class or race, and which actively promotes a passionate exchange of ideas between all members of our audience.


Our last production had over 50,000 viewers for three performances

Business model
  1. Cement Virtual Ovation TV's reputation as the originator and worldwide leader in creating live streamed narrative content.
  2. Build a viable, passionate worldwide audience for live-streamed performing arts.
  3. Further develop our revenue steam for online audiences.
  4. Create a robust work for hire business, live streaming events for other companies
  5. Establish a  not-for profit arm for live streaming  performing arts to schools (if research shows it to be a viable business).
  6. Create a proprietary live streaming platform Create our own live-streaming platform uniquely tailored to the streaming of the performing arts- aka an open table for the arts(think OpenTable for the performing arts, catering specifically to the needs of performing arts companies and their audiences)
  7. Actively contribute to the growth of women in leadership roles in all walks of life
Competitive advantage


A successful multi-camera live-stream of narrative content requires the producers to have a deep understanding of theater, film, television, online-video, social media and  live-streaming.  Each of these areas of expertise requires years of experience to master. While techies easily take to the concept of live-streaming, they lack the artistic background to produce compelling content.  The theater community, while deeply versed in visual storytelling, is notoriously technologically unsophisticated. The strongest barrier to entry for these communities is that they lack the skill set necessary to produce compelling live-streamed content.
In addition a  a thorough understanding of the online video market is essential to monetizing the medium. Our years of experience in online video further separate us from any other company with a theatrical background that may be attempting to move into the live-streaming space.